12 Month Sample Leadership Development Plan

A 12 month leadership development plan is essential to identifying, planning and executing a path to success. It is the key to implementing those strategies to help any leader develop the skills necessary to move up the career ladder. Last week I discussed the 3 main parts of a successful 12 month development plan and here is a sample leadership development plan to help you create your own.


Identify the areas you want to focus on for improvement and then select the action steps needed to make it happen by the target dates.


Every leader has talent in many areas that they simply may not be using to their full advantage. Next, identify your strengths that you can leverage for greater success and effectiveness.


The next to creating your leadership development plan is to focus on those behaviors you need to STOP, START and CONTINUE doing.


The last part of your 12 month development plan asks you to define what success looks like to you. How will you measure whether you’ve been successful achieving your development goals?

Take the time to complete your leadership development plan now and utilize it to improve your effectiveness as a leader. The rewards of creating and implementing your strategic plan will result in building stronger relationships at work, increasing productivity, improving your performance and benefiting your career and the company as a whole. For a complete 12 month plan and toolkit, download our sample leadership development plan here.