What Is Your Personal Leadership Brand?

Are you considered a numbers person, great communicator, people person, turnaround expert, or something else? Do you know what your leadership brand is at your company and do you know how to create the type of leadership style you want to be known for? Your personal leadership brand is not only how you present yourself to others at work, but also how they perceive you and the value you are seen as adding to the team or organization.

Developing your brand as a leader is a phrase heard frequently today, but few people truly understand how to develop their personal leadership brand. When building your leadership brand, remember LEAD: Learn, Establish, Assemble, and Deploy.



Before you can begin to create or change your leadership brand, you must first LEARN about yourself. Take the time to identify your strengths and weaknesses; what makes you special and unique; and learn how you’re currently perceived by peers, team members and your boss. Think about what skills, traits, and behaviors you have, use and like contributing to the team and which ones you want to develop further. Becoming more self-aware is a key first step to determining what your brand is and what it should be.


Establish your goals and intent for your leadership brand. What do you want to be known for and what goal do you have for developing your brand? Create a list of descriptive words and choose 5 or 6 that you want people to use when describing you. For instance, you could decide that you want people to think of you as being: Collaborative, Personable, Creative, Detail-Oriented, and Strategic. These descriptive words will form the basis of understanding what makes you unique, how you add value to the organization, and what people will depend on you for.


Assemble your leadership brand statement using the words you’ve chosen. Using the previous example, you could write your leadership brand statement as: “I want to be known as a Personable and Collaborative person whom team members can depend on to build trust and create a fun atmosphere while using my Strategic and Creative thinking for improving results.” Then name and identify specific steps you can take to incorporate this statement as a part of your daily routine.


Finally, deploy the actions steps you’ve listed to build your brand. Find simple and easy ways to put your leadership brand statement into action every day. Become the person you have identified on paper as who you want to be and watch your leadership brand grow and transform your relationships at work.