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Linda’s Key Qualifications:

Experience: Over 20 years as an Executive Coach
Client Industries: Retail, Financial Services, Food Service/Chain Restaurants, Entertainment, and Hospitality
Levels of Service: Senior management levels
Expertise: Accelerated development of capable leaders in organizations to strengthen team functioning, plan for business, and identify/build core competencies and talent management processes
Coaching Style: By linking business needs to people practices and initiatives through my knowledge, insights, candor, pragmatism and ability to better leverage talent to achieve company goals

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Michelle’s Key Qualifications:

Experience: Over 25 years in Organizational Development and Consulting
Client Industries: Airlines, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Education, Technology, and Non-Profit
Levels of Service: All leadership levels
Expertise: Understanding the internal and external dynamics of an organization or industry and creating a process to help organizations achieve greater results
Coaching Style: Collaborative coaching with passion and integrity to understand the problem in order to develop customized strategic plans for executives, teams and organizations

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Mike’s Key Qualifications:

Experience: Over 30 years as a sales professional, general manager, CEO, and consultant
Client Industries: Technology, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Education, and many others
Levels of Service: All executive leadership levels
Expertise: Sales leadership, training, and development at all levels within an organization in order to maximize the power of the revenue generating machine
Coaching Style: As the "grand master of sales," I apply my sales experience, knowledge as a General Manager, and exposure to a wide variety of industries and situations to provide the best solutions for your personal needs.

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Trish’s Key Qualifications:

Experience: Over 16 years as an Executive Leadership Coach
Client Industries: Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Technology, Food & Beverage, Finance, Entertainment, Healthcare, Non-Profit and Service Industries
Levels of Service: Senior leaders but I work with all leadership levels
Expertise: Any kind of executive coaching from addressing problematic behaviors to strictly pro-active coaching; coaching for leaders assuming new roles to accelerate their effectiveness and ensure success
Coaching Style: Friendly and engaging, yet firm and results-driven (“an iron hand in a velvet glove”); I provide practical insights that enhance the client’s effectiveness

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Sedric’s Key Qualifications:

Experience: Over 25 years of experience in sales leadership, training and consulting
Client Industries: Technology, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Education, and many others
Levels of Service: All leadership levels, especially in sales
Expertise: Sales leadership, training, and development at all levels within an organization for the highest levels of success
Coaching Style: I combine my sound business principles, deep sales experience and creativity to collaborate with my clients and motivate them to drive strong growth oriented results

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Shelby’s Key Qualifications:

Experience: Over 30 years of corporate experience including Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
Client Industries: High Tech, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Insurance, Financial Services, and Consumer Products
Levels of Service: Primarily at the Director and VP levels
Expertise: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Career Transition Coaching and Career Development
Coaching Style: Client-centered approach partnering with clients to optimize key strengths, build emotional intelligence, and provide honest and direct feedback

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Terry’s Key Qualifications:

Experience: Over 27 years in the Corporate world assisting clients in a variety of ways
Client Industries: Consumer Packaged Goods, Restaurant, Sports & Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare, Technology, and others
Levels of Service: All leadership levels
Expertise: Mediation skills, alternative dispute resolution, career transition programs, training and development programs
Coaching Style: I approach all of my clients with a calm, supportive and knowledgeable foundation in order to assess their needs and address these concerns with a personalized training and development program

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I am very indebted to Dave Brookmire and Corporate Performance Strategies. Faced with any talent quandary, Dave brings not only his wealth of experience and industrial psychology background, but also a practical tailored approach that is appealing to both HR and business leaders. Through our continued partnership with Dave and Corporate Performance Strategies, we have made significant progress in both our talent pipeline processes and outcomes here at The Cheesecake Factory Inc.

- Dina Barmasse-Gray, SVP Human Resources, HR Group "Celebrate the CAKE", The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated

We first engaged CPS about five years ago to assist with integration planning and execution. At that time we looked for a partner that fit our unique methods, philosophy, style and culture, and was capable of helping us achieve our business goals. Over the years we have valued CPS’ professional expertise and high quality work. Dave and his team are preferred providers who have been able to meet our aggressive time schedules for starting and executing complex and large transactions across different industries. They quickly frame our requirements, execute project plans, meet deadlines and effectively translated our deal objectives into action plans. We receive positive feedback on their effectiveness from the sellers leadership team and from our senior partners in the firm. Their work has contributed substantially to the successful transitions of companies into the Platinum Equity portfolio.

- Mike Scott, Acquisition leader, Platinum Equity (Global with $27.5B in aggregate revenue acquired)

Corporate Performance Strategies and RARE Hospitality have shared a long-term business relationship because they make a practical difference for our people and our shareholders. Corporate Performance Strategies has been integrally involved in every phase of our talent management process, which is the lifeblood of our ability to successfully grow our company.

- Tom Gathers, Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Atlanta-based RARE Hospitality International, Inc.