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Leadership Assessments

We utilize a variety of assessment tools and tests to help our clients make selection and promotion decisions and to identify the key development required for leaders to excel in their roles.  We match the right type of assessment test to the needs and situations to develop an in-depth assessment of leadership skills and abilities. Some examples include:

  1. 360 Degree Survey Feedback – We offer customized 360 degree surveys that enable our clients to integrate these assessments into their existing competency frameworks and leadership development programs. In addition, we provide standard Manager and Senior Executive 360 degree surveys for clients that want to use our existing competencies developed over the course of our experience working with thousands of leaders across multiple industries. Sample Report
  2. PeopleAnswers Assessments – This is used primarily for employee selection and development. It is validated across a variety of jobs and industries and is recognized as one of the premier assessment tools that predict success of applicants in key jobs. Sample Report
  3. Assessment Centers – We developed assessment centers for a wide variety of roles, including First-Line Supervisor, General Manager, Executive Kitchen Managers, Plant Presidents, Directors, and Executives. In assessment centers candidates for hiring or promotion are faced with a variety of situations they will likely encounter in the target role. Candidates are observed and evaluated by a team of trained assessors. A variety of methods are utilized including: Business Simulations, In-Box, Problem-Solving and Decision Making Cases, Role-Plays, Interviews, Skills Demonstrations, Group Discussions, and Crisis Simulations.


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