Transforming leaders, teams and organizations from ordinary to extraordinary

ADP, IHG, & Darden

We are called upon to work with leaders in different situations, including retention of leaders that are failing, high potential leaders ready for the next level, new leaders, and groups of leaders to improve skills development. We have been successful in saving leaders from termination, helping leaders get promoted, and rapidly assimilating leaders into new roles having quick impact.



  • Highly valued at-risk leaders
  • Newly promoted officers not quite up to the role requirements
  • Groups of executive leaders who needed further development of their leadership skills and qualities for continued career success


  • New Leader Transition Coaching
  • Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programs
  • Group Executive Leadership Coaching and Development of Leadership Skills and Qualities


  • Prevention of highly costly terminations
  • Performance to expectations
  • Growth and promotability of clients

"Corporate Performance Strategies and RARE Hospitality have shared a long-term business relationship because they make a practical difference for our people and our shareholders. Corporate Performance Strategies has been integrally involved in every phase of our talent management process, which is the lifeblood of our ability to successfully grow our company."

- Tom Gathers, Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Atlanta-based RARE Hospitality International, Inc.