Transforming leaders, teams and organizations from ordinary to extraordinary


At Corporate Performance Strategies, we create customized solutions. Our services and unique methodologies are PROVEN to help executive leaders, team leaders, and organizations significantly improve their business results.



Our services help clients:

  • Improve departmental performance by increasing adherence in successfully meeting critical dates from 60% to 96%
  • Raise employee engagement scores from 16% to 25% year-over-year
  • Build leadership competency effectiveness 36% year-over-year
  • Save tens of millions of dollars in effective M&A integration
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Identify and develop strategic opportunities
  • Become recognized as a “Best Place to Work”

We approach all of our consulting opportunities with these four steps in a proven process helping leaders, teams, and organizations succeed:

We complete a thorough initial review with a full range of assessment tools and tests, game-changing strategies, and implementation support to help clients:

  • Determine the company direction with clearly outlined goals and objectives
  • Strengthen and further develop leadership skills and effectiveness in both emotional intelligence and competency levels
  • Improve success rates when facing major challenges such as a mergers and acquisitions, major restructuring, or introducing new initiatives
  • Retain highly valued at-risk leaders
  • Increase team engagement and organizational productivity to positively impact sales and profits
  • Develop the leadership qualities and competencies necessary to support the implementation of the business strategy



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Testimonial: Arthritis Foundation

David Brookmire and CPS have provided real value to the Arthritis Foundation with talent development strategies to build a high performing senior management team. David and his team have worked with us during the selection process, on-boarding, 360 assessment, coaching for performance, and understanding the impact of individuals on team dynamics.

Roberta K. Byrum, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, Arthritis Foundation