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Group Executive Coaching

We apply the same critical elements from our successful individualized executive coaching with groups of leaders so that larger numbers of executives gain the benefits of our experience and methodology while still maintaining discretion. In some cases, the dynamics of a group of executives working together is extremely valuable as they learn from each other and feed off the camaraderie that is created during the process.


Our clients who receive group executive coaching report the following benefits:

  • Strong buy-in of the company’s investment in their future and increased retention
  • Improved leadership qualities, impact, and organizational performance
  • More robust Succession Planning
  • Solid ROI

Group Executive Coaching process:

  1. Set up the scope and deliverables – We gather pertinent data about all of the participating executives, determine the scope of their roles, deliverables, responsibilities for the executives, their managers and HR, and the group leadership development process.
  2. Prepare executives to be coached – Working with the executives, managers, and HR, we outline roles, confidentiality, deliverables, timing, support, and determine the executives’ preferred learning styles.
  3. Data collection and feedback session – We use multiple assessment tools and tests to get the best snapshot of each executive’s leadership effectiveness. These may include 360 interviews and surveys, direct observation, personality assessments, and cognitive assessments. We provide an in-depth group feedback session, with 2-3 areas that need to be developed and/or strengths to leverage.
  4. Specific development plans – Utilize our proven development plan that outlines the specific goals, key actions, and timing for each action. Using specific plans in the process helps all of the executives stay focused on the relevant areas for the day-to-day job.
  5. Ongoing coaching – The duration of our executive coaching and leadership development training sessions vary depending upon the specific needs of the company and/or multiple executives. These coaching sessions help the executives reflect on performance, wins and lessons from the development plan, discuss upcoming opportunities, and set 30-day priorities.
  6. Ongoing evaluation and quality assurance – We evaluate the group’s progress at the mid-point of the coaching process and again at its end. We also conduct confidential stakeholder interviews to determine progress and success toward meeting the goals and deliverables.

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