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Leadership Performance Enhancement

Our proven leadership coaching methodology has helped Executives, Management, and Team Leaders improve their performance and leadership skills to keep up with new job requirements, changing roles, higher expectations, change in bosses, and other performance-related challenges. We work with executives at all levels and across many different industries to help them optimize their performance and potential.


Our Leadership Performance Enhancement Methodology:

  1. Set up the scope and deliverables – We gather pertinent data about the executive, any problem areas and their impact, scope and requirements of their role, and deliverables.  
  2. Get executives ready to be coached – Working with the executive, manager, and HR, we meet to discuss and agree upon our roles, confidentiality, deliverables, timing, support, and to determine the executive’s preferred learning style.  
  3. Data collection and feedback session – We use multiple assessment tools and tests to get the best snapshot of the executive’s leadership effectiveness. Our approach combines personality assessments, 360 degree interviews and surveys, and direct observations to determine their specific leadership style and leadership qualities. We provide an in-depth feedback session, with 2-3 areas that need to be developed and/or strengths to leverage. 
  4. Coachable decision – We determine the Executive's leadership ability and willingness to improve these leadership traits.  If we decide that the leader is not amenable to change, we determine them to have “low coachability.”  In these cases, which are not the norm, we stop the process and help plan another course of action.  
  5. Specific development plans – Our proven development plan template outlines the specific goals, key actions, and timing for each action.  Using specific plans in the process helps executives stay focused on the relevant areas for the day-to-day job.  
  6. Ongoing coaching – The duration of our executive coaching and leadership development training sessions vary depending upon the specific needs of the company and/or executive.  These sessions help executives reflect on performance, wins, lessons from the development plan, discuss upcoming opportunities, and set 30-day priorities.   
  7. Ongoing evaluation and quality assurance – We evaluate progress at the mid-point of the coaching process and again at its end.  We also conduct confidential stakeholder interviews to determine progress and success toward meeting the goals and deliverables.  
  8. Transition to the manager – At the end of the coaching process, we transition the development planning and coaching to the executive’s manager.  This handoff helps the executive establish a better working relationship with their manager and opens up a dialogue – and a process – for continued growth and development.

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