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New Leader Executive Coaching

Research shows that approximately 50% of newly appointed leaders fail to meet expectations within the first 12-18 months in their leadership role. Our new leader executive coaching process utilizes proven and best practices, assessment tools, techniques and approaches that accelerate the leader’s impact and effectiveness in a shorter time period.


We utilize the following methodology for new leader coaching:

  1. Set up the scope and deliverables – We meet with the new executive and their manager to understand the role, requirements, success criteria, company culture, team strengths, confidentiality, and deliverables.
  2. Start-up – We help our clients create 90-day strategic action plans.
  3. Assessments and feedback – Using interviews, observations and select assessment tests, we identify the new leader’s strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Team assimilation – We facilitate a highly interactive meeting with the leader and their team to build trust, outline expectations, explain personal preferences, and share feedback for a more successful assimilation and improved team performance.
  5. Continual coaching – Using the 90-day plan and assessment results, we coach the leader, helping them successfully transition into their new role and better manage day-to-day issues and challenges.
  6. Plan for future success – We collaborate with the executive to develop the vision, mission, goals, and strategic roadmap required for sustained performance.
  7. Evaluation – Ongoing evaluations and quality assurance checks with the leader and their key stakeholders help increase long-term success.


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Testimonial: American Safety Insurance

Corporate Performance Strategies has the ability and fortitude to successfully manage executive integration. In the current “C-Suite” trust and communication are critical to the success of the company as well as the executive team and Corporate Performance Strategies performed a key role in my integration into a new environment. They (Corporate Performance Strategies) are not apprehensive about addressing issues and ensuring commitments are followed through.

Mark Haushill
American Safety Insurance