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M&A Integration

Successful M&A deals must operate effectively throughout the complete cycle; from target identification, due diligence, negotiations, contracting, integration, and on-going operations.

Research consistently demonstrates 50% to 60% of M&A transactions fail to achieve the stated goals.

Failure is typically a result of poor strategic fit, inadequate due diligence, prolonged integration processes, internal vs. external customer focus, poor leadership, and poor operational integration processes.

We work closely with the buyer and can plug into the process at any point in the deal cycle. Our core competency is to develop and implement transition plans in partnership with the new owners. We achieve results by having a rapid implementation process using our proven tools and templates, a network of qualified partners to handle the rapid integration, and deep expertise on how best to integrate the new owner’s requirements.

Key benefits include:

  • Greater likelihood of success in meeting the transaction goals
  • Increased focus on key financial, customer, and operational issues of the deal
  • Improved key employee retention
  • Faster return on investment for the deal


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New Leader Onboarding

New Leader Onboarding

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