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Team Effectiveness

We take a methodical and comprehensive approach to diagnosing, prescribing and helping clients improve team performance.

What are the qualities of a high-functioning team? Why do certain teams excel beyond performance expectations and others barely meet their obligations? Our work has helped teams who are:

  • Newly formed
  • Dysfunctional
  • Not meeting expectations
  • Managed by a new leader
  • Required to collaborate with other teams

We perform comprehensive assessment testing to get to the root causes for team dysfunctions. We take a methodical and comprehensive approach to diagnosing, prescribing, and helping turn a dysfunctional team into a high-functioning team. And we understand that individuals must “volunteer” to work as a team, putting aside their individual objectives. Our goal is to create a highly committed and enthusiastic team which displays the behaviors required to be successful in the culture and business situation.

Core Team Effectiveness Components

  • Common Vision is achieved and accepted by each team member and used in providing direction.
  • Clear Roles are outlined and every team member is clear about everyone's role and accountability.
  • Mutual Trust is established to ensure open communications, collaboration, and respect.
  • Effective Processes are developed, enabling the team to continually monitor and adjust performance.
  • Strong Team Leadership is required for success, and the team leader must be respected and credible.

Our interactive team effectiveness programs involve both facilitator-led discussions and applications to current and future team opportunities. We help teams discover how well they're performing in the critical areas required for goal attainment and show how differences in styles of communication, decision-making, structure, and processes can lead to less effective results. We introduce teams to the best practices of high-performing teams in order to help them improve team effectiveness.

Using one of a variety of assessment tools, we help your team members discover their strengths and areas of development. With the benefit of these insights, team dynamics come into clear focus. You’ll learn the common causes of unnecessary friction and communication breakdowns, and learn tips and techniques to avoid these pitfalls.

Our programs are customized to meet your specific requirements, goals, and culture to maximize their benefits, which include:

  • Clear team expectations regarding behaviors, competencies, and accountabilities which are set by the leader.
  • A better understanding and appreciation among team members of their personal differences.
  • Recognition among team leaders of their members’ roles, strengths, blind spots, motivations, and needs.
  • Higher-functioning teams who are more effective.
  • Teams who are better equipped to achieve business objectives.



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Testimonial: ADP Canada

Getting introduced to Dave Brookmire was the turning point in my career. His inquisitive and caring approach created significant opportunities to increase performance and have genuine organizational impact.  I would encourage any aspiring senior executive looking to increase their self awareness and personal performance to pick up the phone and call Dave.

Greg Secord
ADP Canada