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Group Executive Coaching

This workshop utilizes our proven executive coaching and leadership development methodology and applies these best practices to groups of leaders in a workshop setting. Participants will:

  • Better understand how their key stakeholders perceive their leadership skills and qualities.
  • Identify their strengths and their most significant development needs that will positively impact their leadership effectiveness.
  • Create their specific improvement goals. They also complete their individual strategic plans that are used to guide their on-going leadership development throughout the year. This includes learning to better leverage their strengths for improved performance and promotability.
  • Learn to establish and utilize a development support network on the job.
  • Receive tools, reference materials, and leadership development feedback recommendations in addition to their survey feedback.

We provide follow-up group and individual executive coaching to assist participants in making lasting leadership behavioral improvements.

Executive Failure

Executive Failure

Learn tips and strategies for eliminating
derailing behaviors holding you back.