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Free Tools to Help Leaders Develop

Free Tools to Help Leaders Develop Their Qualities of Leadership

Creating Effective Development Plans Toolkit
In order to make substantial positive changes in your leadership, you need to have high quality leadership development goals and action plans. This toolkit helps leaders assess their current state and develop the critical foundation for having successful results. Limited time for self-development necessitates the need for effective development activities. Included are a 12-month roadmap and sample development goals and actions that can be adapted by leaders for their own personal development. Using these tools helps guarantee success. Use this toolkit for:

  1. The Objectives and Elements of a successful plan
  2. Definition and function of Advocates in the leadership development process
  3. How to create a successful 12 month plan using our sample provided

360 Feedback Toolkit
One of the most powerful ways to help leaders develop is through the use of 360 degree feedback. Often, the leader’s self-identity does not accurately reflect the perception others have about his/her leadership effectiveness. This leads to blind spots or areas leaders self-rate as competent when others evaluate their results as poor in these areas. This is one of the leading reasons leaders fail. This toolkit will help you identify insightful questions and illustrates a way to provide feedback in a powerful format used with hundreds of leaders as the starting point for their personal development. Use this toolkit for:

  1. Directions for conducting 360 degree feedback interviews
  2. Sample questions to use in the interviews
  3. How to summarize the themes learned from the interview process with a sample summary report

Coaching Tips for Derailers
Derailers are leadership behaviors that create interpersonal difficulties resulting in leaders that may alienate, anger, disappoint, dissatisfy, and frustrate their followers to a point where the leader fails to get the results expected. Hogan has been researching the common derailers with leaders and identified 11 in their extensive research. This tool provides the necessary leadership behaviors to eliminate derailers and help leaders engage, motivate, retain, satisfy and develop their stakeholders.

New Leader On-Boarding Toolkit
Research shows that almost 50% of all newly appointed leaders fail to meet expectations within the first 12-18 months in their new role. Whether the new leader is promoted from within or hired externally, onboarding and assimilating them into the culture and position is a critical step to success. Every leader needs to understand their position, what is expected of them and develop steps to ensure success. Use this toolkit for:

  1. Key transition objectives: What to accomplish in the first 90 days
  2. The 3 phases of transition: Discovery, Diagnosis and Direction
  3. 5 conversations to have with your new boss
  4. Ideas to build your new team

Best Practices for High Performing Team Meetings
How well does your team function? Are your meetings ineffective and inefficient? High performing teams utilize simple guidelines to keep on track during a meeting and operate on a more efficient level. Use this for:

  1. Easy-to-follow ideas for running an effective meeting
  2. Guidelines for secondary facilitators
  3. Rules for Consensus

Inspire Your Team Members
Does your organization have a mission statement? How about a Vision or Values statement? Do your employees know where they are heading and feel compelled to follow your direction? By creating compelling mission, vision and values statements for your company, team or department, you can help provide direction, inspiration and a shared sense of belonging for your employees. Use this toolkit for:

  1. Definition of Mission, Vision and Values Statements
  2. Factors to consider when creating these statements
  3. Steps to Create a Mission Statement
  4. Sample Mission Statement



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