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Webinars on Demand: Helping New Leaders Succeed - New Leader On-Boarding
The webinar introduces a framework for new leader on-boarding and some of the best practices used by coaches to help new leaders successfully assimilate into new roles.


Choosing the Best Leadership Coach (& Maximizing Results)

This presentation outlines a comprehensive process for organizations to leverage their coaching processes to enhance leadership development and achieve stronger business results. It also showcases best practices with McKesson Corporation’s executive coaching process. The presentation was used in a webinar on choosing the best leadership coaches.

 Succession Planning and Talent Management: Supporting the Business Strategy.  Presentation at the HR and Labor Conference, American Bakers Association.

“Thanks again for presenting at the recent HR and Labor Conference in Chicago, IL.  Everyone really enjoyed your presentation.  Setting up the small working groups was a homerun idea. Your presentation was such a hit that I’d like to bring you in to Phoenix for another presentation at the winter meeting.”

Cory Martin
Director, Government Relations
American Bakers Association


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