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New Leader Onboarding Package: Virtual Executive Coaching


  • Access to experienced executive coach: Seasoned executive coaches that provide advice, training, and suggestions to help you attain your personal and professional goals
  • Valid personality assessment and feedback report: Assessment results that identify your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots
  • Professional executive coach two-hour debrief session: Confidential session with executive coach that has worked with hundreds of leaders improving their leadership; Professional interpretation of the assessment results and how these can be used to your advantage to achieve personal and career goals
  • Create Actionable 90 Action Plan: Working with executive coaches create your 90 day on-boarding plan. You will develop measurable goals for your first 90 days, accelerate your learning, build followership quickly, gain alignment with key stakeholders, learn to neutralize any skill weaknesses, build your team, and announce your strategic direction at the end of the three month coaching process.
  • Executive Coaching - 3 months with expert executive coach: 5 coaching sessions The executive coach provides you with the expertise and support to help you implement your development plans, handle day-to-day issues that arise, serve as a confidential objective sounding board, and help you ensure that you are successful in your leadership development pursuits. Previously provided only to senior leaders in mid to large companies
  • On-going virtual (phone and email) support during the coaching period by an expert executive coach: The coach working with you for 3 months also provides on-going support between the 5 scheduled coaching sessions to help you with your on-going leadership development challenges that arise and implement your plans